A Song From the Bottom

” Love is a tree with branches reaching into eternity and roots set deep in eternity, and no trunk” – Rumi

Waiting is a part I never wanted.
Your eyes are hazel, and your hair holds on
like my hand, which screams alongside the bed.

When you empty your heart, I fill the yard.
When you wear your green hat, I ask for more.

A night without you could make all of the
trees disappear and the chairs,
and the bed, and my shoes.
Without you, this house only knows how to die.

I have to come home and you have to leave.
I have to rest and the birds must sing
a casual dirge on the windowsill.



“”Within tears, find hidden laughter. Seek treasurers amid ruins, sincere one” – Rumi

I’m falling down this slippery slope.

You already fell.

It’s all endless.

You made it that way.

And I made you.

Takin’ a load off Fanny or Annie (xoml)…

Today is about letting go and getting things out.  Sometimes we want to hold on to things— and the idea of letting  go can be devastating. Creating something allows us to bring it out and let it go. Here goes nothin’, my friends….

I also, stole some ideas/lines from Rumi. But like, I said before, sometimes creating is all about stealing the good stuff and making it your own.

I want to hold on to the edge

of this empty cliff

like all of this is mine.

I own nothing,

Not even these eyes full of daggers.

That’s what glory is.

My hands aren’t mine;

They open and close


If they were always closed

you wouldn’t hear me screaming.

These fingers never belonged to anyone

and nothingness hangs below

like a withering daisy.

That’s what glory is.

I can’t claim these words,

or how they link together.

I don’t even know the owner of this


Slipping hands are

a story.

There is nothing I can

do to hang on.

and none of it is




The Universe and The Book of Love

EBox, my dear friend, first introduced me to Rumi- an absolutely wonderful and talented poet.

When discovering Rumi, I shared some of the poems with my spiritual friend, NGrace and she told me that Rumi happens to be the favorite poet of her Guru. Guru M isn’t my Guru per se but I do listen to her as one means to meditate. She says that meditation is the realization of the presence of divine energy in our lives. By training the mind to create the world and the life we want though an understanding of ourselves and our minds, we are able to realize our ability to create/do/think anything.

This connection between Rumi and Guru Maya was made months ago, and I am still pretty pleased with the perfection of these connections. It is truly incredible, how life twists and twirls and leads you to the right place if you trust the universe, even for a second. Some how, the universe seems to have it’s perfect unplanned, plan and if we let it, it can guide us to exactly where we need to go.

I’d like to  let the universe do the talking now and open the book Rumi: The Book of Love to a random page and share the poem below:


Your grief for what you’ve lost lifts a mirror

up to where you’re bravely working.

Expecting the worst, you look, and instead,

here’s the joyful face you’ve been wanting to see.

Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes.

If it were always a fist or always streched open,

you would be paralyzed.

Your deepest presence is in every small

contracting and expanding,

the two beautifully balanced and coordinated

as birdwings.

Rumi speaks about a hand opening and closing and opening again. He then goes on to say that if the hand were always open or always closed, we would be paralyzed.

I see this as a comparison for life and how it can appear as good at times and bad at others. When things are good, we can feel excited/happy and when things are bad, we can feel depressed, lonely and alone. I think sometimes it is easy to judge things as good or as bad and get stuck there. But that’s the thing! It is just a trick…. the idea that life is opening and closing and opening again allows for us to keep going. It is the best thing that we have and it is what allows us to move in the way we want to move.

This goes back to Guru M’s idea that meditation is an awareness of the divinity within- the awareness that good and bad do not really exist (except in our minds) and that each moment is divine if we can drop our our judging mind.

As always, feel free to share any thoughts.