Ode to Silence

When your chest is free of your limiting ego,
Then you will see the ageless Beloved.
You can not see yourself without a mirror;
Look at the Beloved, He is the brightest mirror.” – Rumi
There is so much noise here:
bustle, brashness, broken windows.
I thank goodness for this silence,
where the earth rests, breathing in and out,
aware of this deep meditation.
Once you know that you are sleeping
and that your life is no different than “Days of Our Lives,”
or “All my Children,” there is nothing else.
With no taxis rushing down 5th avenue, and no cars
crashing in the LES and no people hustling to earn some coins,
emptiness exhausts the idea of time and space,
like Messada before the sun rises.
This silence lasts for a moment; a single second,
until eyes open, and the rush lives on
like death doesn’t exist.
There are no need for temples and tombstones,
This is factious.

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