Takin’ a load off Fanny or Annie (xoml)…

Today is about letting go and getting things out.  Sometimes we want to hold on to things— and the idea of letting  go can be devastating. Creating something allows us to bring it out and let it go. Here goes nothin’, my friends….

I also, stole some ideas/lines from Rumi. But like, I said before, sometimes creating is all about stealing the good stuff and making it your own.

I want to hold on to the edge

of this empty cliff

like all of this is mine.

I own nothing,

Not even these eyes full of daggers.

That’s what glory is.

My hands aren’t mine;

They open and close


If they were always closed

you wouldn’t hear me screaming.

These fingers never belonged to anyone

and nothingness hangs below

like a withering daisy.

That’s what glory is.

I can’t claim these words,

or how they link together.

I don’t even know the owner of this


Slipping hands are

a story.

There is nothing I can

do to hang on.

and none of it is





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