It’s mojito time with a side of midnight moon.

My friend’s Mike and Josh of Brother’s Green, threw a party on Saturday night & all good things went down….  homemade sushi, moo shu duck pizza, fried chicken, sliders, french fries (with amazing sauces), and Mojitos. As the chefs were busy at work,  I took on the role of Bartender. We made some crazy Mojitos that involved mango and guava and made the perfect impression. They were delicious.

I took the idea of these Mojitos and brought them to “family” dinner with some pals. We spiced things up a bit and added Pear Juice, Guava Puree, Pineapple, Mango, Peach, and Passion Fruit and o yes, Fresh Mango. This went perfectly with viewing the Red Carpet, the Oscars, and a fresh Arugula salad with Mango, avocado, Heirloom Tomatoes and a homemade lime-pear, guava, pineapple, mango, peach, passion fruit dressing with fresh Pomegranate Seeds. Family dinner means cooking together and Webblet made some mashed potatoes and roasted chicken breasts w strawberry glaze, lemon, and onions.

The night was about the Oscars but it was also about the idea of the ability to create something new everywhere, with no limits. Since Webblet was hosting, I bought some beautiful flowers and we got creative with how we displayed them. We ended up putting three flowers individually into wine bottles with melted candle wax dripping down the sides.

Creating can mean taking something unused or used for something else and making into to something new. It was fun to take this green handkerchief and making it into a pretty cute dog “outfit” for a pretty cute dog.

All in all, creation is possible everywhere. And it is easy to take anything, like a dinner, and make it fun by creating a unique experience, a new design, a new dish, and a new drink.



O ya, and we had midnight moon cheese. It’s perfect. I recommend :


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