Stealing the good stuff and gems and ribbons. omy.

A musician and underground-chef friend of mine has an ongoing canvas on the walls of his room. Often, when friends visit his apartment, they add to his walls, leaving a piece of them with him. While visiting his apartment a few months ago, he was jamming out on the keyboard and I spent my time painting. I used bright colors, and as he played and sang, I painted a fish. It was a miraculous experience.

When something excites me, like this, I often take it and bring it into my own life, recreating it into something unique and meaningful to me.  Someone told me that a good poet is one who can steal the “good stuff” from the “great poets” and make it their own. I see this in all forms of creating. Everything that we see around us is there to inspire us; it is there for us. Every moment, every painting, every song, every person is a possibility just for us. And with possibility all around us, we are able to create something new in every moment.

I love the idea of having friends help “decorate” my living space and I decided to recreate this in my own life. After eating at a place called The Red Head, my childhood friend and I, took this idea home. We came back to my apartment and decided we would decorate my Shabby Chic Vanity table. It was fun doing a project together and trying out a new idea.

it always has room for more love and has been added to by other visitors...

By doing something new and different, we can push each other into the bliss of experiencing the universe in a different way. Often, when we do the same thing all the time, we can get into a rut, feel bored, tired, uninspired or even, depressed. When our routine becomes uninteresting to us, it can be hard to see the inspiration that is available at every moment. When we remove negativity and the blocks in our life, we can get into touch with our ability to create and transform our world and the things in it. When we experience/create new things, it allows us to the see the world in its pure form. It allows us to see the world as it truly is– beautiful, exciting and new(always new).

With love, lots of respect, and a lil’ extra love (just in case you missed it the first time),



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