First post. And I lied. No art today, just words.

After eating a nice Sunday lunch with my friend “C” at Cha-An, a lovely second floor Japanese Tea House in the E village, we took the subway uptown. I told her I wanted to blog and I didn’t know what to blog about. Reader: I must say it’s not for lack of excitement. I often find that I have so many things competing at once, that it is hard to choose which to do. Logically, I’d say it makes sense to think “what is meant to be done, will be done and all else doesn’t matter.” But, hey, I have been a bind about this for some time, feeling lost in the endless options available. I was always daydreaming about having a blog, but not writing a single word. I don’t wanna say I was procrastinating- but perhaps, I was.

Someone once said to me “Time spent questioning is an excuse for not doing.” Well, perhaps, that is what I did–made an excuse for not doing. We can spend time thinking about doing things, instead of doing them. It’s easier that way, sometimes. I think we can fear starting things – worrying about how it will turn out, the details of how to get from A to B, and what people will think. Well, here I am, doing, and  I have some friends to thank for pushing me through and inspiring me.

That’s what friends are for, to help push us and not let the mental blocks stand in the way of what feels right in our lives. “C” left me on the subway with some great advice. She said to think of the blog like a personal journal and to just document whatever comes to mind. She said to not worry about who read it- whether it be zero people or just one or two. I thought, “OK, well, I can do that.” And then thought, well I probably won’t start one anyway. Ha. Ha.

It just so happens that today I stumbled upon a blog, where the blogger decided to take her life/blog to the new level by challenging herself to post something creative everyday. I loved the idea and after coming home from work and feeling exhausted, a light bulb went off for me and imakearteveryday was born.  I see this as a place to share anything special created each day. I often spend time creating art/crafts/food/photos/etc with friends and on my own and find the joy that it brings. I am honored to share it here.

I think if we do what we love, we feel good; if not, we can feel negative, nothing, or off. When we are on, everything flows, we are in sync. In these moments, which I think we can create in our lives as often as we choose, creativity flows. Our life is ours to create, every second (moment by moment by moment). Everything around us can be a tool for us to play with and to use to create something new if we choose to see it that way. I am hoping to explore this here.  I am open to any suggestions/comments/thoughts and look forward to sharing and perhaps, creating a reciprocal place to share. After all, as everything around us is energy, we cannot give without receiving and vice-a-versa.

With love, lots of respect, and a lil’ extra love (just in case you missed it the first time),




4 thoughts on “First post. And I lied. No art today, just words.

  1. Who is this mystery “friend”?

    You inspire me! It is so wonderful to have a friend like you, to push me to do wonderful things that I would never do without the extra nudge (like decorate a hypothetical table).

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